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In the absence of a dedicated Human Resources Department, we can provide ad hoc support to business owners and managers, either on a contract or consultancy basis.  We have significant experience in assisting businesses from small to medium sized enterprises, through to large publicly owned and global companies, with the full range of Human Resources support, including:


- pre-recruitment vetting, interviewing and assessment

- job offer process, compliance issues and documentation

- ongoing management issues of staff, including disciplinary and grievance procedures, application of family friendly policies and pay and benefits issues

- conduct of internal investigations when management require an objective, independent third party to attend and report in relation to grievance, disciplinary or other matters

- termination of the employment relationship and severance arrangements

- post-termination matters, such as references, protection of business, company property and confidentiality


Our support services can be provided remotely, or on a client's premises. 


Ad hoc Human Resources Support


As well as supporting businesses without Human Resources professionals, we also work with Human Resources in circumstances where additional support is required, for example, in the event of maternity or holiday absences, or unforeseen absences such as sickness.


We also assist Human Resources in the event that specialist knowledge and experience is required to compliment the experience and skills already available within an organisation, or the Human Resources Department itself is affected by an event, such as where there is a transfer of a business entity.


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