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At Holt HR Consulting we are conscious that clients want the best value for money more than ever before.


Accordingly, we can discuss and agree a range of charging arrangements.  As a starting point, we have a standard hourly-based charging rate, but often fixed fees for specific projects or cases are more appropriate and better suited for clients, irrespective of their size or resources. This is particularly so in relation to Employment Tribunal claims.


Generally speaking, fixed fees are calculated by reference to an estimate of time required for the specific project or case, applying a discounted hourly rate. This is then subject to a further discount to reflect the fixed fee arrangement.  Fixed fees (as opposed to hourly charging) can result in savings for clients of over 50% when compared to an hourly charging basis.


Moreover, we listen to clients and understand their means - if a client is subject to tribunal proceedings that warrant responding to and defending, we will always seek to agree a fee that is within the client's means and reflects the proportionate risk and size of claim made against it.

Examples of fee arrangements


Whilst we are always willing to discuss fee arrangements with clients on a confidential basis, by way of example, some of the fee structures we have recently worked to include:


  • Standard Hourly Charging: time incurred is charged in 5 minute increments, based on an agreed hourly rate. For smaller matters, this can be the most cost-effective method for some clients.


  • Whole Case Fixed Fees: popular for Employment Tribunal claims, simple unfair dismissal, unpaid wages or breach of contract claims, which require only a one day hearing in Tribunal, can be fully prepared and conducted for £5,000-7,500, which covers preparation of Tribunal forms, document disclosure, preparation of a witness statement and conduct of the final hearing itself.


  • Staged Fixed Fees: more common for lengthy or complex Tribunal claims, we can agree fixed fees for each stage of the process. This enables clients to have control over and knowledge of the costs before they are actually incurred. For example, preparation of Tribunal forms (such as a ResponseForm ET3) for a multi-strand (for example, race and age) discrimination and unfair dismissal may incur a fixed fee of £1,050-2,000.  The subsequent drafting of witness statements, may be covered by a fixed fee for all the witnesses' statement, for example, £750-£1,000 for each witness.


  • PHRs & CMDs: we can also agree fixed fees for Pre-Hearing Reviews (PHRs) and Case Management Discussions (CMDs) as stand-alone projects, usually for anything between £1,000-3,000, depending upon the length of PHR/CMD and complexity of the case.


  • Project Fees: often clients will have a particular project that require varying levels of input from an external adviser.  For example, a redundancy process may require initial advice on the selection pool and criteria, together with a risk assessment.  The process may also require advice and assistance with the consultation process and, perhaps, the dismissal procedure itself. We can undertake such projects for a Fixed Fee, which will cover the duration of the project, from initial advice and instruction, right through to the conclusion of the exercise. Such Project Fees can start from as low as £1,000 (to advise on a dismissal and preparation of a settlement agreement) to £5,000+ for a complete contracts of employment and staff handbook review and update.


  • Capped Fees: for clients who wish to be charged on the standard hourly basis, but also want to benefit from a limit on the costs they may incur, Capped Fees are an attractive option.  In essence, the Capped Fee is based on an estimate of the total cost that a project or case might incur, subject to a discount; the standard hourly charging rate is then applied up to the level of the Cap.  If the project or case incurs a level of fees lower than the Cap, there is nothing further to be paid; if the costs exceed the Cap, the client does not pay anything more than the total Capped Fee. Clients that chose Fixed Fees are liable for the full Fixed Fee, irrespective of the outcome and total cost of the project or case, but are subject to a greater discount than Capped Fees.

Professional Indemnity Insurance


Holt HR Consulting is full insured with professional indemnity insurance, provided by Maltings Insurance, underwritten by AXA Insurance UK plc and Great Lakes Insurance SE, in respect of claims up to a value of £1,000,000 per claim.

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